Hi there! Here's our

Sizing Help Guide

Sizing and choosing what best fits you can sometimes be a little tricky, so i've put together an easy guide to help.

Not to worry if you don't have a tape measure, a piece of string and ruler works just as well! Ok, lets get started ...

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Your Measurements

Using a tape measure or piece of string, measure around your bust at your wides point. Measure your waist at your narrowest point, and your hips where you are widest.

Take a note of your measurements in inches to check against our garment sizes.

If you are unsure get in touch through our contact page x

Size Chart

Once you have your measurements noted down you can check against our size chart. Every body is different, and we each have different proportions so choose what is best for you and how you want to wear it.

 You may choose to buy a size up for a comfy fit or go down a size for a more fitted look.

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