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The Free Native Design Process

The design process is my favourite part of running this small and sustainable project.

I set out, just over two years ago, to design simple pieces that would appeal to those who enjoy a minimalist aesthetic. I love unfussy clothing which is sleek and simple.

And alongside those clean lines and easy to wear shapes I wanted to work with texture and tone.

The quality of material is so important to me and i wante every Free Natives style to feel amazing against your skin. Thats why I love to work with responsibly sourced fabrics such as silk noil and Irish Linen. They feel so luxurious when worn and are sustainable, long lasting and hard wearing.

After touch, and the way our clothes feel, comes tone. I'm very drawn to calming, neutral palettes. Plant dyes provide very soft colour which I think, all seem to work together when mixed and matched.

I want you to be able to select a capsule wardrobe from my range, with styles that all work together and also fit in with your other most loved clothing items too.

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