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Welcome, Free Natives friends x

A quick hello from us!

We are SO excited to be sharing our first blog post!!

This week we launched our first ever organic, plant dyed clothing line and we couldn’t be happier. We’re also super glad that you’ve decided to keep up to date with this new and exciting ride we’re on.

We aim to use these mail outs sparingly as we don’t want to fill up your mail boxes. We do promise however to let you know first when new lines hit, about re stocks, blog posts and seasonal sample sales. Hell, because we love you so much we’ll even give you special discounts no one else knows about!!

So to kick things off, we’d like to tell you firstly about a few of the styles we have in Free Natives collection #1.


Fall has arrived, and we know it's important to be warm, cosy, and layer up with natural soft fabrics against your skin.

We've kept this in mind and come up with the warming silk noil artist shirt, with wooden buttons and simple round neck.

It will fit under jackets and jumpers but over a cami and even thermals. Perfect!

AND, the fact it is silk noil means it will keep you toasty warm in the winter and nicely cool in the summer.

The next piece we’d like to shout about is the organic denim work jacket. A hugely wearable and practical piece with all the pockets you need.

The denim for our work styles is hand loomed in small batches in Kerala, South India. It is 100% organic and fair trade.

Once we receive it, we dye the denim with organic plant matter. For this collection that is Turmeric. A widely used anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial root which is great to have against your skin.

We look forward to going into more detail around our dye process in the coming weeks.

The last thing on our agenda today is to tell you about our first Spotify playlist which is available for you to listen to and share now.

It was built and grew over the process of designing and making this collection.

Music is so integral to us and our daily lives we want to try and share the mood with you a little and get you into the Free Natives headspace. We hope you like it there!

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