Caring for your Free Natives Garment:

We feel it's better for you, your garment, and for the planet to wash your clothes as little as possible. But we understand, every so often they will need a clean.

So here are our tips for washing your Free Natives garment.

  • Wash on a low temp, we advise 30/40

  • Use an eco detergent that works with low temperatures

  • Line dry if possible out of direct sunlight.

  • It can help to keep the shape of your garment if you hang it on a clothes hanger to dry.

  • Most of our fabrics are ok to iron on a low heat, if you're unsure, just drop us a message to ask. We're happy to help.


Plant Dyed Care:

Caring for naturally dyed garments is a little different than caring for conventionally dyed garments, but as soon as you do it this way, i'm sure it will become an easy part of your routine.

  • Always use natural soap, preferably one with a neutral PH

  • If you prefer using powder soap, please dissolve it fully before adding clothing to the wash cycle

  • Turn garments inside-out, and wash on cold with like colours

  • Direct sunlight will effect the natural colours, if you line dry, (ACE!) but do it in the shade.

  • Do not spot clean!

  • Most natural dyes react to acid, so please be careful when handling citrus, or citrus juices. If a stain happens, make a small bath of warm water with a small amount of stain fighting detergent. Leave for a few minutes, squeeze out, wash as normal. If a stain persists, keep washing! It will fade with time. 



Wool Care:

  • We suggest hand washing your woollen garments in cold water with a mild scent free soap.

  • Using a bath or large sink is good to submerge your woollen jumper. Do not soak for a long period of time. Using water over 30C with begin to felt the wool.

  • Remove from cold water and gently squeeze, you don't want to misshape your jumper. Roll in a towel to remove excess water then lay flat to dry. Do not put on a radiator or near direct heat as this may shrink your garment.

  • We would advise against machine washing as we feel it is too aggressive with the wool fibres, but if you wish to go with this option use a good machine with an effective wool wash that will wash on cold and not felt the wool.