Our Botanical Dyes


Free Natives garments are dyed using a variety of plants that have been foraged from the landscape surrounding Lauren’s home. Botanicals that were nurtured and picked in her garden, and the odd kitchen scraps.


The use of living colour instils the material with a delicate beauty; reflecting the passing seasons, the colour palettes bestowed by nature. The conditions in which the dye was produced influence the colour outcomes, too. We see this as a characterful element to what we do, and this gives every piece we make an extra level of integrity.


The nature of plant dyes invites irregularities on our garments, thus no two pieces will ever be the same. 


Our garments should be treated with love and we consider quirks in the dye outcome to be part of the charm in this heritage craft we practice.

Our Fabrics

We believe strongly at Free Natives that what you wear against your skin should be free from toxins, chemicals and plastics, as well as being low-impact on the planet, and the people involved in its making.


When we wear good quality clothes it makes us feel good in turn - inside and out.


At Free Natives we work hard to source natural fabrics that have a low as possible impact of the planet. We favour silk noil, also know as peace silk, Irish linen and organic GoTs certified cotton.


We take pride in sharing the origins and stories behind the fabrics we discover, in the belief that this adds to the provenance of your garment.

The Brand

Free Natives was conceived in the frozen new year of 2020.  We offer versatile garments with a story, that fit seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.


Designs and colour palettes are heavily influenced by nature, and our interaction with it. The colours, the sounds, the smells. The textures, even. 


Garments are made to order or in small batches, avoiding unnecessary waste.


The label is conceptualised, sampled, dyed and sewn by Lauren Geoghegan in Nottinghamshire, England. 


Free Natives natural clothing company