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Made to Order:

It is currently unknown just how much ‘dead stock’ arises in the fashion industry every year, down to over ordering fabric, last minute design changes and unsold clothing. There are estimates that in some big retail chains as much as 10% of garments go unsold, leading to enormous amounts of clothes laying around or ending in landfill. This sees a huge amount of resources wasted, from the material manufacture itself, to the dying, cutting, sewing and shipping of goods. All to then end up in landfill.

This is where we want to be different. By only making the clothes that have been ordered means we do not have any unsold garments laying around, so nothing ends up in the trash. We can order the correct amount of materials, which results in less consumption and less human resources. The cool thing too is that this all leads to cut costs for you, the planet and us.

Once your order has been placed we aim to get your new garments made and shipped to you in 2 - 3 weeks. We'll message you when we're shipping.

Plant dyes:


The dying process starts with our fabrics being mordanted in a tannin bath, which prepares fibres to receive and retain its dye pigments. We forage locally for oak apples which we use as our mordanting treatment.

Our dyes will change from season to season but we can guarantee they will always be chemical free and plant based.



We believe in clothes that are good for the planet, and good for you. All of our cotton and denim is GOTs certified and ethically sourced. Our clothing is dyed with 100% natural dyes, keeping toxic chemicals out of our water sources and far away our bodies.

We source our organic denim and cotton from Ganesh and his family company in Kerala, South India.

It's made in a very artisan, hands on fashion, being woven on small power looms or handlooms in runs of just 100 - 300m. It is then hand rolled and selvedge printed into 25m rolls.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.



We currently pre-treat, dye, cut and sew all garments in house from the idyllic Harley Studios on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. This gives us great control over our quality and the chance to keep the costs of this start up business down.

As we grow, we plan to work increasingly with local makers and creatives.

Honest Pricing:


We believe everybody should be able to afford good, honest, ethical clothing, and being able to shop better shouldn’t be a luxury. As a direct to consumer business we can avoid hitting you with traditional retail mark ups.

Free Natives g­arments are priced according to material and dye costs, labour involved, transport and duties. We wont make you pay extra for a name, promise.

Garment care:


To properly care for your plant dyed garments, wash on cold with like colours and an eco detergent.

Hang to dry in a shady/breezy spot.

Colours will fade if left in the sun.

Some dyes react to citrus.

Over long periods of time the plant dyes are likely to fade and you may wish to re dye.

We feel it is a beautiful part of the garments life cycle to let it change naturally, and would encourage you for the sake of the garment and the environment not to over wash.


As our fabric is done by real humans it leaves space for error, but we quite like this.

We make every effort to work around imperfections on the fabric but it is not always possible and causes excess waste. Please embrace any signs of error in the fabrics weave like we do. It has been made by loving, fairly paid hands.