Plant dyed clothing, for nature loving folk.

Free Natives was formed in late 2019 from a desire for freedom in creativity and a chance to experiment within sustainability.


After 10 years of working in the fast fashion industry I wanted to completely change the way I worked, and play slowly with total integrity. I wanted to offer garments with a story and that fit seamlessly in with the rest of your wardrobe.


Ranges are created in limited runs using plant dyes I have made with locally foraged materials, and sewn in natural ethically sourced fibres. Very soon, I will also be introducing specially selected antique fabrics to the range.


I take pride in working on a small scale as I can offer you exclusivity and garments that are truly unique.


A little word about the summer range...

At the same times as planning for this collection I was taking a bit of a nostalgic drive down memory lane. Most likely brought about by the events of the last 18 months. Strange new rules have been imposed on us all, and for me it triggered memories of childhood and the freedom that brought.


Looking back through old family pictures of us in the summertime I remembered the disregard for time, rules and order. We moved, played, snoozed under make shift shade. Travel was a part of the summer, we were often on the road heading for new adventures and I found that soothing. There was a sense of comfort and ease, usually cradled in the arms of a warm French sun.

Travel, and being on the road gives me a sense of ease that to this day that I can only put down to my childhood.


For this summers range, and as we start to see a little freedom on our horizon, I wanted to bring back the feeling of those hot French childhood days.

We were comfortable in what we wore, the days were long and could be lived to the full with adventures there to be had.


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Made in Nottinghamshire, UK. Established 2019.

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