Natural clothing, for nature loving folk  :)

Khaki Waxed Cotton Bucket Hat
Organi Denim Work Jacket
Ethical Gift Voucher

Free Natives is made up of a small, evolving collection of non-seasonal pieces. We use specially selected, organically certified fabrics to create hard working garments for you to work, play and shake your thing in. Each piece is made slowly and mindfully in the English countryside, tucked away in a peaceful spot on the Welbeck Estate. 

There's a sense of fleeting beauty when it comes to the availability of our dyed pieces and the colours we use. Reflecting nature we work with the seasons and with what we're provided.

Come spring you can expect to see optimistic greens and yellows, while in the peak of summer parched lands create a more muted palette. Then as Autumn begins to roll in you see hues deepen and become more intense like the weather.

Made in Nottinghamshire, UK since 2019.

© 2020 by Free Natives.